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Foal Season 2013: a filly quartett!

                     Carly by Conen (o/o Ionia)                        Rapunzel by Rock Forever (o/o Fannie Mae)            Darnell by Duisenberg (o/o Fabrice) Daktari by Don Frederic (o/o Bravo)
15.11.2013 Two Times Fidermark
Fidermark died ten years ago and there aren't too many of his kids around in sport any more. He didn't breed three-digit figures and most of his precious daughters have become broodmares. Nevertheless, they are competing and successfully so. At this week's international horseshow in Stuttgart, Favourit and Florida, both by Fidermark, won the Grand Prix warm up and the Grand Prix finals scoring well above the 70-percent edge (scores). The 21-year old Nadine Husenbeth became the winner of the 2013 Piaff Forderpreis Finals, the German Under 25 Championships, held during the CDI-W Stuttgart in Germany on 14 - 15 November 2013. Aboard her father's 14-year old Rhinelander mare Florida (by Fidermark x Grosso Z) Husenbeth won the Grand Prix finals with a score of 70.255 % 
The favourite for the title, 21-year old Sanneke Rothenberger and the Rhinelander gelding Favourit (by Fidermark) won the warm up round but dropped to a fourth place in the final ... (read full article on Eurodressage)
Fidermark is the sire of Fabrice and Fannie Mae and proves his value as desireable damsire with every new season of my foals on the ground. 
15.11.2013 De Niro Leads 2013 WBFSH Dressage Sire Ranking - the Eurodressage article (read)
Just in time with his lead in the 2013 sire ranking the english feature of De Niro has been completed (
read De Niro stallion feature).
Fabrice is in foal to De Niro for 2014 and I can't wait to see what she will be making of it!
19.9.2013 Little Luzifee (Fannie Mae's daughter by Rohdiamant) has found a new home as a future broodmare in pony breeding!
I truly fancy the idea to see this daughter of Rohdiamant in pony breeding - actually, I have been considering to breed Luzifee to a pony stallion myself. But I can't keep them all, so I greatly appreciate to know her in pony breeding not too far away from here and it will by my greatest pleasure to visit her with a cut pony foal at her side one day...
8.9.2013 My thouroughbred mare Ionia has found a new home in the south of Germany.
After seven years and six foals it seems odd to see her go. With Carly, her beautiful daughter by Conen, I have the longe desired filly descending from my thouroughbred damline. 
Ionia will move on to become a broodmare in Trakehner breeding and I am very happy to have found a new home for her in close friend's hands.
9.7.2013 Fabrice is in foal to De Niro!
5.7.2013 Letter from Verden:
Bunny ("Bravo"), Fabrice's daughter by Belissimo has been registered with the hannoverian Studbook scoring 4 times an "8"!
I am overly proud to see my selfbred filly being valued by the verband's officials so highly!

While Daktari, Bunny's daughter by Don Frederic, had won the Hannoverian foal inspection in Westfalia the other week, her mother Bunny has been inspected by the officials, too. She still needed to be registered with the Hannoverian Studbook. 
The result and scores of this inspection along with the official regsitration paper came in per mail today - needless to say:
this letter made my day today! 
27.6.2013 A Hannoverian Fairy Tale Made in Westfalia:
Daktari wins the Hannoverian foal inspection in Westfalia!

                                                                                                      click on pictures to enlarge
25.6.2013 Taking out Luzifee to the Warendorf eventing grounds:

                                                                                                                click on pictures to enlarge
17.6.2013 First time with little Luzifee (Fannie Mae's daughter by Rohdiamant) on the eventing ground!
She is just doing great following a lead horse in the water and doing it all by herself in due course.

                                                                                                                             click on pictures to enlarge
10.6.2013 Fabrice has given birth to a filly by Duisenberg - welcome Darnell!
Only six days after her daughter Bunny has born her first foal, Fabrice is having her ninth foal. Timing couldn't be any better as Darnell and Daktari can now play and grow up together perfectly!
Most beautiful pictures of Darnell to be seen on her page (scroll down her page for further pictures)
4.6.2013 Bunny has given birth to a filly by Don Frederic - welcome Daktari!
Bunny is Fabrice's daughter by Belissimo and Daktari is Fabrice's second grandchild.
Amazing pictures to be seen on Daktari's page (scroll down her page for further pictures)
30.5.2013 Swedish filly born from my damline!
LanThao has given birth to a filly by Floricello. Little Letizia is already a few weeks old in this picture (click to enlarge)
Congratulations to Hanna Engvall in Sweden and all my best wishes to mother and foal!
Lan Thao is Fabrice's daughter by Laudabilis and little Letizia is Fabrice's first grandchild.
13.5.2013 Fannie Mae is in foal again to Rock Forever!
... hoping for a colt this time as stallion owner Wilhelm Holkenbrink has already expressed his interest on a son by his stallion after having seen Rapunzel, Fannie's filly this year by Rock Forever
22.4.2013 ... first pictures of little Luzifee (Riva by Rohdiamant o/o Fannie Mae) and me in the saddle:
                                                       click on pictures to enlarge
16.4.2013 Visiting Bogart (by Benetton Dream o/o thouroughbred mare Ionia xx by Aactenango xx)
It is my greatest pleasure to keep in touch with the owners of my selfbred foals and be able to watch how they are developing.
Bogart is Ionia's four year old son and he has been mounted last winter. These are the first pictures taken of Bogart outside under saddle.

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15.4.2013 First pictures of Luzifee (Riva by Rohdiamant o/o Fannie Mae) after two months under saddle:

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18.3.2013 Rapunzel by Rock Forever has been born!
Fannie Mae gives birth to a daughter - pictures of Rapunzel on her page (scroll down her page for further pictures)
9.3.2013 My thouroughbred mare Ionia gives birth to the long awaited filly:
Carly by Conen!
Enjoy beautiful Carly and a collection of amazing pictures on her page! (scroll down her page for further pictures)
25.2.2013                                     Fabrice's double!

                                                ... one could think                                       (click to enlarge pictures)

Indeed, this is Fabrice's 5 year old daughter Lan Thao by Laudabilis (left picture), who is expecting her first foal in Sweden this spring.
Simply amazing, how much daughter and mother look alike. Guess that's what you call a broodmare who truly stamps her get...
The right picture shows Fabrice at 14 years of age having had eight foals.
15.2.2013 4 year old Duisenberg by Desperados x Weltmeyer turns his first show start into an immediate win scoring 8,4 in young horse dressage! (scoring table)
Fabrice is in foal to Duisenberg and I am eagerly awaiting this foal in June.
In time with his first win the english stallion feature of Duisenberg is completed - enjoy!
11.2.2013 Today a new chapter has begun in Luzifee's life:
Luzifee (3 1/2 year old Raritaet by Rohdiamant x Fidermark) has left the young mare herd and moved to our Muenster barn to get started under saddle and learn everything a young horse needs to learn. Of course, Silas, my charming heartbreaker, was all over her from the first moment and provided little Luzifee with an easy start in her new life. When I took both of them in from the pasture the two of them were already inseparable...  
                                                        Silas drolling over his new friend Luzifee - click on pictures to enlarge
17.11.2012 Three year old Bunny (by Belissimo x Fidermark) under saddle 
Only two months have passed by since the first fotos taken under saddle and look how she has developed since!   

                                                                                                                     click on pictures to enlarge
27.10.2012 Hannoverian Stallion Licensing
Brisant is sold to Spain at the Hannoverian Stallion sales.
He is not licensed, yet it was an exciting and wonderful experience having been "part of the game" in Verden!

                                                                                   Fotos (click to enlarge): Dr. Christina Beuke (2) and
9.10.2012 Dago, Fannie Mae's colt by Don Schufro, is sold and has moved to his new home today.
He will be raised as a stallion prospect in the most beautiful place and I am so happy for him and his new owner and wish them both the best of luck and pleasure for both their new found common relationship!    
7.10.2012 Fotosession in autumn - Rarität (nicknamed "Luzifee") by Rohdiamant x Fidermark (Fannie Mae)

                                                                                                                            click on pictures to enlarge
30.9.2012 Deauville by Don Schufro x Fidermark (Fannie Mae) - beautiful lanky yearling in autumn...

                                                                                                                                                                  (click on pictures to enlarge)
29.9.2012 Hannoverian Stallion Licensing 2012:
The stallions are selected and videos of all stallions are avavilable on YouTube:
The collection of the stallions on YouTube
Brisant is number 5.                                     
29.9.2012 Finally:
story&pictures of three year old Bravo ("Bunny") by Belissimo x Fidermark under saddle!
Bunny is full sibling to Brisant, who is selected for the Hannoverian Stallion Licensing in October 2012.

                                                        (click on pictures to enlarge)                                                         
28.9.2012 All mares have been confirmed positively "in foal"!
Hopefully there will be 4 healthy foals next spring from teh following breedings:
Fannie Mae - Rock Forever
Ionia xx - Conen
Bravo ("Bunny") - Don Frederic
Fabrice - Duisenberg
please find a detailed overview of breedings and stallion links here 
4.9.2012 The preselection tour for the hanoverian stallion licensing, which will be held in Verden from October 25 to 27, has started. The first stallions are selected and Fabrice's son Brisant by Belissimo is accepted!

                                                                        (click on pictures to enlarge)
Stallion Feature Duisenberg - enjoy! 
23.8.2012 Fabrice is in foal again!
Fabrice is in foal to Duisenberg and I can't believe it's true... Finally, it has been worth all the efforts of a desperate breeder and what it takes to keep the most precious broodmare in business...
The story of six month hosting a broodmare in her luxurious (and expensive...) city appartment "uptown münster" side by side to the most charming gelding you can think of (my riding hore Silas) has been completed sucessfully!
"Sex&the City" and Fabrice gave Kerry Bradshaw at her best all summer near Silas.
Finally, after six months and a lot of support by Dr. Ahlswede, Fabrice performed the magnificent metamorphosis from Kerry to Miranda, so to speak...
With Silas' stimulating help, Fabrice developed visible cycles again. And I greatly appreciate Dr. Ahlswede's flexible timing, help and advice suiting a breeder who needs to apply a full-time-job in the office in order to fund breeding&horses in the first place. Dr. Ahlswede (our most experienced equine vet, who happens to live just across the street from our Münster barn) allowed for me to carry Fabrice over to him any time early in the morning prior to work or after work, countless examinations.
With Dr. Ahlswede's help and patience we finally managed to get her into foal again.
Most wonderful news to me and the most welcome reward for a desperate breeder who leaves nothing untried!
12.8.2012 New fotos of Dago, Fannie Mae's colt by Don Schufro
At nearly five months of age Dago is growing big and looking more and more like his sire's son:
"Mini-Don Schufro" and a truly impressive young colt!

                                                                                                            (click on pictures to enlarge)
7.8.2012 While England still celebrates various equestrian gold medals at the Olympic Games, a small part of the empire simply ignores the party and remains in cosy silence:
a small village in the north of Yorkshire remains untouched by all the trouble and a yearling's herd enjoys the sun...
Thank you, Helen, for this beautiful picture of Lorbaß, who visibly enjoys his life!
Only a few days after I have been visiting Lorbaß' full sibling Legolas it is so nice to hear from Lorbaß, too,  and have a comparison of the two...
31.7.2012 visiting Legolas at the Wesermarsch:
Ionia's son Legolas by Lissaro is a yearling now and spends his summer near the river Weser. On my way to Verden I took a little detour visiting Legolas and the colt herd he is growing up in.
The boys were climbing up the river bench when I was approaching and it was easy to recognize Legolas.
Legolas is a big yearling and now that he matures more and more you can tell the similarities he shares with his full sibling Lorbaß, who I had visited last year in England. Ionia truly stamps her get! (more photos)
8.7.2012 Stallion Feature Don Frederic - enjoy!
8.7.2012 Bravo ("Bunny") is confirmed in foal to Don Frederic!
15.6.2012 The magic "8" ...
At the horseshow in Übach Palenberg (Rhineland) Anke Unger and QRage III win the six-year-old dressage horse class at M-level scoring an 8,0! Congratulations to the entire Awakino Team!
2.6.2012 Fabrice's son QRage III competes sucessful again:
QRage and Anke Unger scored a 7,4 at the horse show in Sevelen and became 4th at the six-year-old dressage horse class at M-level!
Congratulations to the entire Awakino Team!
28.5.2012 The second generation:
Pictures of Saskatchewan, Balahé's colt by Sorento

                                                      Saskatchewan by Sorento o/o Balahé  
14.5.2012 Fannie Mae is in foal to Rock Forever NRW!
Stallion Feature Rock Forever coming soon...
12.5.2012 Great news from La Jeanne!
After her sale earlier this year, Jeannie sucessfully completed her first competition with her new rider!
Jeannie and Stefanie scored a 7,3 and became 5th in the dressage class A - super news!
Congratulations to Jeannie, Stefanie and the entire Jeannie-Family!
                                                                                                           (click on pictures to enlarge)
11.5.2012 Balahé by Brentano II gives birth to her second foal, a colt by Sorento!
Congratulations to the happy breeder Hans Karsten, former owner of Beltain (sire of Belissimo), who I owe so much in breeding!
Balahé is the daughter of my t.b. mare Ionia xx and her foals at the Karsten family already represent the second generation of my breeding-program - incredible!
5.5.2012 Lissaro is back!
After all those sad developments following Lissaro's move to Edward Gal in 2010 and his return to Germany earlier this year, when he was stationed with the Hannoverian State Stud in Celle, Lissaro finally made his "come back" in sport winning his first competitions in M dressage under Wolfhard Witte! And while show results usually don't include much informative value, in this case they truely bare some great value for the fan community of Lissaro. His succesful come-back proves that Lissaro finally continues his most promising carreer, both, in breeding and sport.
Couldn't wish for any better news!     
Lissaro is the sire of Lorbaß and Legolas and was supposed to also become sire of a desired filly out of Ionia last year.  Unfortunately, Ionia resorbed last year and given the perfect service and availability of Lissaro's successor Conen at the Rüscher Konermann stallion station nearby, Ionia was bred to Conen instead.
4.5.2012 QRage III by Quattro B o/o Fabrice adds another success to his young sport horse carreer:
he ranked 5th in the young dressage horse class M scoring a 7,6 - congratulations to Anke Unger and the entire Awakino-Team!
31.3.2012 Conen absolves his Stallion Performance Test in Schlieckau and leads the dressage section of the field scoring a total of 130 points!
His individual notes 9,13 for trott and 9,25 for ridability are by far the best indvidual notes given in this test.
Ionia xx will be bred to Conen again this year. 
25.3.2012 QRage III and Anke Unger did it again:
They ranked third at the young horse dressage class M and won a further ribbon in young horse dressage class L scoring a 7,7 in both classes at the TSG Krefeld Young Horse Competition - congratulations to Anke and Fabrice's son QRage!
24.3.2012 Fannie Mae (by Fidermark) gives birth to a stunning colt by Don Schufro - Dago!

                                                                     (click on pictures to enlarge and view Dago's own page)
8.3.2012 Fabrice's six year old son QRage III by Quattro B and his fabulous rider Anke Unger remain a team of striking success:
At the Sonsbeck Dressage Event in the Rhineland the pair scored high again in both classes they competed in!
They ranked sixth in the young horse dressage class L, but even better, they ranked fifth in the young horse dressage class M later that day in a strong field of competitors!
This placement in class M so early in the year for a six year old young dressage horse is of highest value given the challenge of flying canter changes having to be accomplished well in "M". Of course I am all proud of Fabrice's son QRage and hopes are high that the two of them will make it to the Bundeschampionship qualifiers later this season ... Well done, Anke and QRage and sincerest congratulations to the Awakino Team!

4.3.2012 No heat cycle? Use a natural weapon!
After having foaled her eigth's stunning foal last year (Sabary by Sarkozy) Fabrice strongly resisted to get back into heat that summer. We surely tried everything possible and had the best equine vet advisers working with us, providing Fabrice with all kind of inducing medication you can think of. Fabrice, however, remained stubborn declaring all those chemicals useless. No heat that year - no foal this year.
So in order to convince my precious broodmare Fabrice to the better this year I decided to use my most efficient natural weapon instead:
Thus, Fabrice has left the mare barn  this weekend and moved to our Münster sport horse and riding barn instead where my riding horse Silas, the most magical charming gelding you can imagine, received order to take over. Silas sure did his very best, and most efficiently so:
It didn't even take him a single day to turn Fabrice on - in the true sense of the meaning of the word. Fabrice showed signs of heat immmediately and the two spend every day together in the field. A visible strong cycle of ovulation has already set in and she will be bred again with the next cycle. So hopes are high that next year we can be expecting a foal again out of Fabrice - thanks to Silas and his wonderful preparation:
broodmare stimulation at it's best! These pictures truly speak for themselves (Click on photos to enlarge):
                                                                When Silas is taken over no female heart can resist! (click to enlarge photos)
5.2.2012 First win in "M" for QRage, Fabrice's son by Quattro B at bearly six years age!
The new horse show season couldn't start any better than this:
QRage celebrated a double-win at the EUREGIO Dressage Show this weekend leading both, the L and M class for young dressage horses! (read)
30.1.2012 La Jeanne has been sold and already moved to her new home in eastern Westfalia to become the future dressage prospect for a 14 year old girl who so far earned her merits on a little pony. Jeannie has conquered herself a new home with a close family connection, daily pasture aside of the pony and the status quo of the "number one" in the barn - a status quo I simply couldn't provide her with anymore ever since Silas returned form his convalescence last year. And she deserves it!
Good luck to this newly found young horse-and-rider combination and may Jeannie enjoy her new home!    
29.1.2012 This weekend, the licensing of the southern german verbands took place in Munich. With Catalogue Number 61 a grey colt by Coronas o/o dam by For Pleasure x Pilot x Golddollar was licensed, descending from the very damline of Fabrice and Fannie Mae. Common foundation mare is Duellgirl by Duellant, full sister to Duelljuwel, former German Federal Champion mare at the DLG Show.
Usually, yet another licensed stallion from a wide spread performance damline is not necessarily worth mentioning. In this case, however, when such colt sells for 190.000 Euro to a buyer from Monaco, who usually is only involved in thoroughbred horses, it sure is worth a note. Watching this stallion jump at liberty (Video Youtube) gives you a hint, why this stallion became the second most expensive horse at the auction.     
It is the fact, that performance horses of both disciplines descend form a given damline, that makes the difference between a "damline" and a true "performance damline". And I greatly appreciate any additional descendant proving this status a valid fact.  
14.1.2012 Lissaro is back in Germany!
The report on Eurodressage states "a high demand from German breeders interested in Lissaro's genes, the decision to move Lissaro back to Germany for the 2012 breeding year was easily made" - well done!
Hopefully semen quality will approve again along with the sheer pleasure of german fans and breeders to see this stallion back home. Couldn't wish for any better place than the Hannoverian State Stud to see this stallion reconquer hearts of the public yet again! 
Lissaro is sire of Legolas and Lorbaß, both sons of my tb mare Ionia, and with his return to Germany Lissaro is most certainly going to become sire of future foals of my breeding program, too!
(Find the engl. stallion feature on Lissaro here)
21.11.2011 Video La Jeanne
30.10.2011 Sabary and Legolas have left their barns and moved to their new homes.
Legolas already enjoys his new life in a group of stallion prospects in the east of Germany, eagerly fighting for the lead amongst his fellow colts. I truly hope to meet him again in 2013 at the hannoverian stallion selection trials. 
Sabary is being raised as a future dressage prospect in a group of fifteen foals near the Weser river pastures and I couldn't hope for any better hands to see her in as Dominique&Dominic surely know what it takes to succesfully develop a young dressage horse!    
Good luck to all of you!
9.10.2011 There is just no better way to start a sunny sunday morning with fotos like these surprisingly popping up in your email box:

                                                                                                 click on pictures to enlarge (worth it seeing tem full size!)
QRage III, Fabrice's 5 year old son by Quattro B, has been building up continously on his show career in dressage all summer, having won and placed high in young horse dressage classes in A and L level with scores even in the 80s! His latest success was another third place with his permanent trainer and rider Anke Unger in September in Aachen scoring a 7,8 in L-class.
Thank you so much, Birgit Reipen, for these wonderful pictures! You couldn't have made a breeder any happier and proud!
18.9.2011 charming Sabary (by Sarkozy x Fidermark), Deauville (by Don Schufro x Fidermark) and our young mare herd in aumtumnly summer...

                                                                                                                          click on pictures to enlarge
10.9.2011 Visiting Lorbaß at his new home in England!
A remarkable journey to beautiful Yorkshire and an impressive trip to Newmarket, home of british bloodstock breeding and racehorses!
                                                                                                         click on pictures for story and fotos
4.9.2011 QRage III, Fabrice's son by Quattro, added yet another remarkable success to his young dressage carreer in Germany scoring an 8,1 at the   young dressage horse class in Jüchen-Waat today! Congratulation to the Awakino Team and his fabulous rider Anke Unger!
4.9.2011 Warendorf Bundeschampionships 2011
While the Bundeschampionships truly are the highlight of the year from a german breeder's perspective as you never get to see such density of young stallions and their first maturing progenies under saddle in such an exquisite selection Warendorf has even more eyecandy to offer in early September: 
this year, the german State Studs presented the annual stallion quadrille (usually shown by the Warendorf State Stud only) all in common - it was the most beautiful effort to support the "common goal", a wonderful tribute to highlight the tradition of the german State Studs. The pictures below speak for itself. Eyecandy at its best!

                                                                                      click on pictures to view the complete album

Of course sportive highlights were set all over the place in Warendorf, by the young riding horses as well as the 5 and 6 year old dressage horses, jumpers and eventers. The damline of Fabrice and Fannie Mae was presented by "Fantastic Sommertänzer", a 5 year old colt by Samarant out of a full sister to Fannie and Fabrice, who scored a 7,9 at the qualification round of the 5 year old dressage horses and later on scored yet again a 7,9 in the finals of his class. Well done!
Conen, the shooting star of the hannoverian licensing last year, made it into the finals of the 3 year old stallion class and finally became fourth, just missing a medal. Conen is by Chequille out of a dam by Landclassic and as such embodies best jumping genetics to pep up nowadays dressage breeding. My thouroughbred mare Ionia is in foal to Conen.    
The winner of the hearts, however, and the most surprising newcomer of all was a son of Belissimo (sire of Fabrice' foals Brisant and Bunny) called Callaho's Benicio - this stallion made it out of nowhere to dominate the class of 5 year old dressage horses - it was the most splendid discovery of all! Callaho's Benicio was licensed in 2009 and disappeared to South Africa (same owners who also own Lissaro's sire Lissabon) to eventually return to Germany this year. Visit this photolink of a most beautiful Bundeschampion - it is worthwhile! With Callaho's Benicio the valuable heritage of his sire Belissimo hopefully recieves a new and well deserved renaissance - as there is no better way of breeding dressage horses today: Ridability, interieur, expression and gaites all in one don't have to be black - they are bright chestnut and shine out loud!       
21.8.2011 New pictures of Deauville (by Don Schufro) and Sabary (by Sarkozy)

                                                                                   (click on pictures to enlarge)
14.8.2011 After having been successfull in S-Class (St. George) already this year, my friend Svenjya and Beltino (the last son by Beltain out of our Wallery K) added yet another impressive win in M-class to their very personal story of success. I only know very few amateur riders, who are able to train and develop their selfbred (!) foal up to S-class - that alone I guess deserves a respectful "hat's off!" to Svenja!

7.8.2011 Speaking of preselection trials for the Bundeschampionat of all the major Verbands... Only one week after Westfalia (see below) the Hannoverian Verband hosted it's Championships and selected the best young horses for the upcoming Bundeschampionat in September. And it was my greatest pleasure to see Conen scoring an 8,42 at the 3-year old stallion class, gaining him the title "Hannoverian Vice Champion of 3 year old stallions". Of course the well deserved nomination for the Bundeschampionat was assigned in due course to my very personal young stallion hero. I had expected nothing else.
It was such a pleasure to watch this promising young stallion move within his group of fellow stallions as he stood out even from far sight. Breeding progress these days couldn't be expressed any better than this. Since Conen is different. Completely different.
While all the other stallions embody longlegged action in the first place Conen was by far the deepest set and as such naturally balanced swinging horse at this show. Girth depth is obvious. "Rubber ball elasticity" was the association that came to mind - and it is not a coincidence that all of a sudden it made me think of Fidermark, my all time favourite, since these are the tributes describing both of them so appropriately: elasticity and natural swing all through the body given by a compact, well balanced exterieur.
Pleasant anticipation of Ionia's foal by Conen is rising tremendously!                                                               Foto: Dr. Christina Beuke
1.8.2011 Balahé and her children - new pictures of my "thoroughbred" family!    
it is always a pleasure to see Legolas (by Lissaro o/o Ionia xx), the "milkraider", pretending he was the clon of his cousin Belle K... Fully understandable that Balahé at times gets confused by all this chestnut foalship surrounding her, allowing him to drink from her udder. That works fine for Legolas up until Belle K docks on at her mother's udder on the other side. By than she realizes that she is not the mother of two kids and chases keen Legolas away.

                                                  (click on pictures to enlarge)
29.7.2011 Four weeks after his first win QRage III adds yet another success to his young show career:
he scored 7,1% and became seventh at his first "L" class!
27.7.2011 All major Verbands are currently running their preselection trials for the Bundeschampionat. So does Westfalia. Breeders and riders send their best young horses to compete at riding horse classes, dressage or jumping and it is an interesting venue to visit the most representative showcase of each indiviual breed - you never know what impresses you most and who you get to see!
This year it was the five year old dressage horse class that made my day. For the simple reason that I got to see a close relative out of my very own mareline: 
Fantastic Sommertänzer by Samarant out of the full sister to Fabrice and Fannie Mae scored a 7,8 and ranked second at the 5 year old class.
This success also earned him the title "Westfalian Vice Champion" of the 5 year old dressage horses!
Isn't it nice to see your own damline succeeding at unexpected places?
11.7.2011 Ionia xx is in foal to Conen!
1.7.2011 Great News!
QRage III is back in Germany and has won his first Dressage show today scoring 7,5! (read more)
It is my greatest pleasure to finally see the second son of my mare Fabrice having arrived in sports sucessfully - as breeding is a very longwinded tedious business - succesfull sport horse breeding evenmore so.
Meanwhile the eldest kids of Fabrice (QRage II "Happy" ; QRage III and La Jeanne) have developed under saddle and proven their talents. The long time waiting for the first breeding successes has been worth while and slowly starts to pay off - thank you, Fabrice! 
23.6.2011 Visiting stallion prospect Brisant (Fabrice's son by Belissimo) at the colts' herd!
Seven months have passed by since I took Brisant up north to his new home where he is being raised as a stallion prospect. Time for a visit to see how Fabrice's son has developed, time to check out on a most promising yearling colt who stands out visibly as "a son of Fabrice" amongst a herd of half a dozen other colts - a very refined and highly noble colt, thus the way Fabrice stamps her kids... (click on pictures to enlarge)
20.6.2011 Fabrice has decided to give it a break - no heat cycles at all this summer ever since she gave birth to her stunning daughter Sabary. And we have sure tried it all with the best of all vets involved... So this will be the first time in seven years Fabrice will not be in foal and it was a hard fact for me to accept intially. However, I know what I have in Fabrice, a precious broodmare, and if nature calls her rights I have to accept it. I hope Fabrice will develop a natural heat cycle again next spring so I can breed her again next year. And since there is something good in everything I might acutally be able to breed Fabrice to a stallion I have dreamed of breeding her to all those years -just that this stallion is only available in life coverage, something that is absolutely excluded when Fabrice has a foal at her side. So maybe next year with no foal aside Fabrice will have choosen her breeding partner all by herself...
There sure is something good in everything. 
15.6.2011 Sad news - Ionia is no longer in foal to Lissaro.
After having had two colts by Lissaro, Lorbaß and Legolas, it was my dream to finally breed a half t.b. filly by Lissaro in order to build my future breeding program on. This dream has now come to an end since with Lissaro's move to Edward Gal semen quality and availability have deteriorated dramatically compared to what I was used to be served by the Rüscher Konermann stallion station, Lissaro's home for the last three years.    
14.6.2011 I had a tear in my eye when I loaded La Jeanne on the trailor tonight to take her to her new home in Warendorf. Even though it was clear, that with the return of Silas, my riding horse, Jeannie couldn't stay here in Münster anymore (two horses after work in full training simply are too much) it does come with a grain of salt to see her go. And even though I know that she will be in the very best hands of a dressage rider of his own kind (a born "natural" in the saddle, so to speak), to proceed her training and development as a dressage horse, her departure does make me woeful. When Silas, my riding horse, left last summer to cure his injury on the pasture, it was selfunderstood that Jeannie would take over his place as my riding horse here in Münster. Only three years of age at that point in time it still amazes me what she has learned in those recent months and how much I have enjoyed training and developing her - as an eventer, in the first place, that is, something she hasn't even been bred for. And how well she did! (more)       
                                                                                                         (click on pictures to enlarge)
11.6.2011 Legolas is sold and will be raised as a stallion prospect!
I am overly happy to see the second son of my t.b. mare Ionia being sold and raised as a stallion prospect - as it is hard enough to breed an outspoken quality colt in the first place. Breeding a half thoroughbred foal today, however, and see such colt being considered a true stallion prospect to compete amongst pure warmblood colts in due course at the licensing, is a sheer treasure.
Needless to say, I am proud of my t.b. mare Ionia who delivered her second stallion prospect for the german hannoverian breed, and it will be overly exciting to see how Bogart (her elder son by Benetton Dream) and Legolas will do once they appear at their respective preselection trials one day...        
6.6.2011 Milkraider!
While Ionia never had problems with her milk and always feeds her foals sufficiently, Legolas found out that one udder simply isn't good enough...
When Balahé, his elder sister, stands next to her mother Ionia in the sun, kind of sleeping (obviously DEEP asleep and dreaming...) Legolas would drink from his mum's udder first, still licking his lips from the milk, only to creeping over to his big sister Balahé and docking on at her udder as well - testing out if there might be a different taste available within the familie's milkbar... hilarious!
A real family affair, after all, and probably the most precious thing a breeder will ever get to see - these are two healthy foals with two healthy mum's of their own. Yet, Legolas finds ways to make life even a little more exciting and worthwhile - milkraider, he is!
                                                                                       watch closely: two foals drinking ... (click to enlarge)
15.5.2011 Sabary just blew me away the other day when some spontanuos visitors showed up to look at my foals. Sabary truly made an impression of her own kind, quiet obviously proving me all wrong since I always considered her standing somewhat in the shade of her cousin Deauville, I had even introduced her as such to our visitors. Oh well. Sabary simply "came, saw, conquered" and I couldn't believe it how she produced herself.. Her little demonstration shouldn't remain fruitless: The nice couple bought her right away and left me speechless. ... and when I really come to think about it:
Sabary did show me her little mid-finger after our visitors had left...
I guess I have learned my lesson well. You should never underestimate your own foals.
Sabary, I will look at you with different eyes from now on - you are great!
13.5.2011 Fannie Mae is in foal again to Don Schufro! She took up on the first shot, just like she did last year - wonderful!
5.5.2011 Ionia is in foal again to Lissaro!
                                                                   Foal Spring 2011 completed: all foals are there!

Sabary by Sarkozy x Fidermark    Deauville by Don Schufro x Fidermark  Legolas by Lissaro x Acatenango            Belle K by Barclay x Brentano II
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       x Acatenango (bred by the Karsten family)
2.5.2011 The chestnut foal trio is complete: Fabrice gives birth to a filly by Sarkozy - Sabary!
18.4.2011 Life Sentence...

Having spent a lot of time with my foals on the pasture during the sunny weekend I truly gained a lot of impressions and perceptions specially on Deauville, my "little red anger" - what a filly!
This is the stallion I have been looking for all these years:
Don Schufro, the most proven performance stallion descending from one of the most precious damlines in the world and I doubt we will ever find such proven heridity in this fast moving breeding world ever again...
And Fannie has given her best again to make this breeding to Don Schufro look like the most perfect nick breeding of all - she truly deserves a life long sentence being bred to this Grand Segnieur of present sport horse breeding!     
... and since Fannie tends to pick holidays for her insemination I already prepare myself to serve as a semen courier at the coming easter weekend and it will be my greatest pleasure to do so!      
12.4.2011 Fannie Mae gives birth to a filly by Don Schufro - Deauville!
4.4.2011 My thoroughbred mare Ionia gives birth to a fabulous colt by Lissaro! visit Legolas at his new page!
28.3.2011 Real Diamond receives approval by the Hannoverian Verband today!
.. probably the most deserved approval of all in a long time since this is a stallion who owes his number one position in the ZWS (Breeding Value Statistic) entirely to the succes of his few kids from the first two breeding years - well done!
Real Diamond is sire of Fanni Mae's foal Rialto Venice.
28.3.2011 Balahé, the eldest daughter of Ionia, gives brith to her first foal:
Belle K, a beautiful filly by Barclay - congratulations to the Karsten family, the owners of Balahé, who obviously had a super gutt-feeling when choosing Barclay as a perfect match for Balahé!
Belle K's own page in english is completed - check out for some beautiful pictures!
25.3.2011 Lorbaß has moved to his new home in England today - he had virtually broken Helen's heart in "cyberspace" already and when Helen came visit he caught her heart in reality, too. The most precious story and I am overly happy to see my favourite son of Ionia move to such a wonderful home!
Best of luck to the two of you, Helen and Lorbaß!
... and yes, I'll be staying "part of the team" and enjoying it already!
20.3.2011 La Jeanne at her first eventing clinic, not even 4 years old! (click on picture to enlarge)
23.12.2010 A slightly different Christmas Story
(subtitled: Mare Performance Test of a different kind)
                                                                                        (read more...)
20.12.2010 Lissaro under Edward Gal!
The german Züchterforum reports that Triple Bundeschampion Lissaro will be ridden by Edward Gal in due course.
I guess Mr. Gal couldn't have wished for any better replacement of his Totilas than this mutlitalented and genetically truly precious colourful bay stallion. Upon these truly spectacular (however, somewhat foreseeable) news I hope more than ever before that my t.b. mare Ionia will give birth to the desired filly by Lissaro next spring. Lissaro is sire of Lorbaß, my favourite colt this year.
You find a detailed feature on Lissaro here.
28.11.2010 Today Brisant has also left the mare herd and has moved to his new home where he will be raised as a stallion prospect. Brisant's new owners already had a son of Belissimo who became licensed at the recent Verden Hannoverian licensing, so they where looking for yet another colt by Belisimo to raise and present in Verden in due course and I am more than happy that their coice fell on Brisant, Fabrice's most noble and beautiful son!  
24.11.2010 The brand new ZWS 2010 (Zuchtwertschätzung - Breeding Value Statistic) has been pulished and Real Diamond is in the lead! 
There are statistics you consider valuable and some you don't. This one I truly love as I consider it mostly valuable and I can't help but smile all over since Real Diamond, more than any other stallion out there, owes this amazing success entirely to his very special genetic heridity. Given any lack of prominent marketing or exclusive training of his get, which provides for other stallions' prominent position in this statistic, the very kids of Real Diamond did it all "by themselves". Real Diamond was widely unheard of when his first most promising 3-year old kids literally appeared out of nowhere in the recent years. From few breedings only Real Diamond sons and daughters all of a sudden appeared at stallion and mare inspections setting true highlights and only than were acquired by promotional hands to provide for the necessary sport success in their respective age classes. Show results and results from breeding horse perfomance tests (MPT, SPT) now are the fudnamental basis of their sire's most exclusive number one position as a dressage sire out of nearly 4.000 (!) stallions available in Germany - amazing!
Real Diamond is the sire of Rialto Venice, Fannie Mae's foal in 2010 and I am more than happy to see this beautiful colt being sold and raised as a stallion prospectus, hopefully living up to the expectations now being risen by his sire's breeding value success.
As heredity is enitrely about genetics and genetics only.
With Real Diamond, Rhodes Scholar and Romanov Blue Hors Rohdiamant himself provides for three sons amongst the Top1 percent of all dressage sires listed within the ZWS. Rohdiamant is also sire of Rarität ("Riva"), Fannie Mae's daughter born 2009 who is raised as a future broodmare to maintain the precious genetic value of both her parents within the Muensterland-Pferde breeding program.

The number two position is yet again held by living legend Don Schufro, sire of Fannie Mae's foal in 2011 - and yet again:
I just can't wait to see this foal being born next spring!

With Belissimo and Sir Donnerhall another two stallions from the Muensterland-Pferde breeding program are ranked amongst the Top 1 percent of the ZWS. Belissimo is sire of Biscaya and Brisant, both out of Fabrice, Sir Donnerhall is sire of Fannie Mae's licensed son Sanbsibar and her daughter Sawadee.
20.11.2010 Don Schufro sires the Oldenburg Licensing Champion!
Amazing to see how this year's horse show season has been dominated by the progeny of Don Schufro, no matter where:
Rastede, Verden, Warendorf. This week the Grandseigneur of dressage horse breeding set just another spectacular highlight with his grey son at the Oldenburg licensing who convinced the licensing committe and the audience from the first day on.
Check out the article on Eurodressage including the picture of the stunning grey who sold for € 210.000 to Andreas Helgstrand who already rode the sire Don Schufro to Olympic honours.
What an exciting pleasure to know Fannie Mae in foal to Don Schufro - can't wait to see this foal being born next spring!
14.11.2010 International Oldenburg Horseshow - A Fidermark Legacy
The main event at the Oldenburg dressage arena was the Grand Prix Spécial, which also served as a qualification for the final of the international dressage series „Meggle Champions", which will be held at the international horseshow in Dortmund in February 2011.  
Christoph Koschel and Franziskus by Fidermark x Potsdam ranked third in the Oldenburg Grand Prix and fifth in the Spécial. Koschel also showed Dancing Dynamite by Don Bedo x Fidermark scoring second in the Prix St. Georg. The fourth rank in this competition went to yet another Fidermark son, Farewell III v. Fidermark x Rosenkavalier, who also came in third in a further S Dressage ridden by Markus Gribbe.
Nice to see that the Fidermark legacy dominates dressage arenas seven years after his death. Providing for even three prominent kids (one grandchild, though) in the front ranks at one single show event in "S" is something we are used to see by the Rubinsteins and Donnerhalls of this world, only.
Fidermark is the sire of Fannie Mae and Fabrice and as such accountable for the existence of the very "Muensterland-Pferde" breeding program and this webside.
30.10.2010 Rialto Venice is sold and has left the foal herd to join the most prestigous breeders' barn of Georg Sieverding in Emstek to be raised as a stallion prospect. Good luck to Rio and his new owners and hopefully we will see again in Vechta in 2010!
21.9.2010 3-year old La Jeanne (by Laudabilis x Fidermark) absolves her first ever cross country training and her first jumps under saddle!
The beautiful filly surely delivers an amazing performance and couldn't make me any happier - check out these pictures:

                                                                        (click on pictures to enlarge)
4.9.2010 Lissaro writes history in Warendorf winning a third consecutive Bundeschampion's title in the 5-year old Dressage Horse Division!
No other horse has managed to get the title in three consecutive years ever before. Lissaro got a 10,0 for the canter, and a 9,5 both for the walk and the general impression - and on top of all of this, Lissaro was the "Champion of the hearts" of the entire audience yet again - what a show!
Lissaro is sire of Lorbaß and I am overly happy to know my t.b. mare Ionia in foal again by this unique and multitalented stallion! 

The other "big winner" of the show was the 6-year old Westfalian Blickpunkt (by Belissimo M x Weltmeyer). He scored a 10 for his trot work and a 9.0 for walk and general impression. With a total of 9.0 Blickpunkt topped the leader board.
Belissimo is sire of Biscaya and Brisant.

With Sarkozy (by Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer) yet another prominent stallion who is part of the Muensterland-Pferde breeding program, placed fourth at the 5-year old Dressage Horse Division.
Fabrice is in foal to Sarkozy.
22.8.2010 New pictures of Rialto Venice (by Real Diamond x Fidermark) and Brisant (by Belissimo x Fidermark) - both my colts have matured greatly and develop perfectly to what I consider true stallion prospects... enjoy their pictures by clicking on the individual images below.

8.8.2010 Don Schufro dominates the 6-year old World Young Horse Championship Finals
The dominance of Don Schufro (by Donnerhall x Pik Bube I) is undeniable and just adds a further note to his exquisit status quo of a living legend amongst our present dressage breeding stallions. Five 6-year old finalists carried the genes of the popular liver chestnut stallion owned by Blue Hors Stud.
Enjoy the full and mostly informative article on Eurodressage here.
Needless to say:
I am overly excited that Fannie Mae is in foal to Don Schufro and can't wait for next year's spring to bring "my" little Don Schufro!  
8.8.2010 Sir Donnerhall Offspring Excels at 2010 Hanoverian Riding Horse Championship
I couldn't put it in in any better words, thus, please check out the above linked article to learn about the stellar performance of  Sir Donnerhall's 3 and 4 year old kids in verden!
Sir Donnerhall is the sire of Fannie's licensed son Sansibar and her daughter Sawadee.
7.8.2010 Lissaro wins the Silver Medal at the WEG of young horses in Verden!
... and it was yet again a pleasure to see this colourful bay stallion performing so "light & easy" in the Verden dressage arena, simply playing with his naturally given talents which gained him a total score of 9,08! The most special thing about this incredible stallion is that Lissaro is making anyone believe it was a simple gift to take place in his saddle and enjoy such horse - ridability at it's best ... just as it should be.
Congratulations to Claudia Rüscher and Lissaro!
Check out the very informative report on Eurodressage about Lissaro's perfomance here.
Lissaro is sire of Lorbaß and I am overly happy to know my t.b. mare Ionia in foal again by this multitalented stallion! 
26.7.2010 The Hannoverian monthly journal "Der Hannoveraner" explicitely names La Jeanne for her above average MPT result in Engter in June 2010:
check the article "Feldprüfungen, Durchschnitt Grundgangarten und Rittigkeit 7,5 und besser" (MPT, average basic gates and ridability 7,5 and better)
I am proud to see Jeannie officially recognized for her great perfomance under saddle!
25.7.2010 visiting stallion prospectus Bogart (by Benetton Dream o/o Ionia) - impressions from the colt herd (click on pictures for more)

                                        (click here for the complete album of impressions from the herd - precious!)
29.6.2010 At the german selection trials in Warendorf today Sarkozy and Lissaro have been nominated for the World Championships of young horses in Verden in August 2010.
After both stallions have already qualified for the Warendorf Bundeschampionat in September this year a "hot summer" is most likely to be expected!
Remember that last year Lissaro and Sarkozy already provided for a thrilling final at the Bundeschampionat of the 4-year old stallions and it was for Olympic Goldmedalist Frank Ostholt, the foreign test rider, to finally put Lissaro in the lead gaining him the rare and precious title "double Bundeschampion"!     
Lissaro is sire of Lorbaß and Ionia's foal in 2011, Fabrice is in foal to Sarkozy for 2011.
Belissimo, sire of Brisant and Biscaya, will be represented in Verden by his son Blickpunkt (damsire Weltmeyer) and Don Schufro, sire of Fannie's foal in 2011, sends his highly celebrated daugther Weihegold OLD (damsire Sandro Hit) to Verden.

It is my greatest pleasure to see my current "breedings" and foals being represented by such an exquisit collection of stallions at the two most important young horse Championships in Germany this year!
23.6.2010 All good things come in threes:
Fabrice is in foal to Sarkozy and as such the third of my mares in foal!

For an overview of the breedings for 2011click here
16.6.2010 new photos of La Jeanne three months under saddle!                                             (click on pictures to enlarge)
                                                                             La Jeanne is for sale.
10.6.2010 Brentano II passed away. (Report on Eurodressage.)

Brentano and Beltain have been my very special "heroes" descending form the damline of Dr. Max Schulz, Stellenfleth, and I owe a lot to both these stallions.
Brentano II is sire of Brasil, Brooklyn and Balahé.
10.6.2010 La Jeanne scores 2 x "8" for ridability at her Mare Perfomance Test!
6.6.2010 Double Bundeschampion Lissaro wins the Qualifikation of the 5 year old dressage horses in Coesfeld Lette scoring 8,7!
Lissaro is the sire of my half-thorougbred colt Lorbaß and Ionia (my t.b. mare) is happily in foal again to Lissaro.
1.6.2010 Fannie Mae is in foal to Don Schufro - one shot did it!
I am overly happy to see Fannie in foal by this living legend - a lengthy feature about Don Schufro in english will be coming up soon - so far, the german version of it can be found here.
23.5.2010 Ionia, my t.b. mare, is in foal again by Double-Bundeschampion Lissaro!
I am overly happy since this is the very first time I inseminated a mare myself since I attended the insemination course at the Warendorf State Stud last winter. I am hoping for a filly as a full sister to Lorbaß, who simply develops greatly, would be the mst precious gift to add to my breeding program...
22.5.2010 Fabrice gives birth to a colt by Belissimo - Brisant (in the true sense of the meaning of the word) - read story
5.5.2010 Fannie Mae gives birth to her fourth foal, a stellar black colt by Real Diamond - Rialto Venice!
5.5.2010 Fannie's "big day":
Already a couple of weeks ago the dutch licensing committee had announced their vist for today to inspect Fannie Mae - since her son Sansibar is stationed at stud in the Netherlands the licensing committee comes around inspecting the respective dams of the stallions who actively breed in their verband (read more)
24.4.2010 Twins born at Hof Altepost!
                                                                             (click on picture to enlarge)
Completely unexpected these two colts were born at the beginning of April. And what initially looked to bear risks for the smaller of the twins (bearly the size of a shepherd dog and incapable to stand up by himself) turned into a wonderful story of success and will to live given the tireless efforts of my marebarn owner Ingrid who did everything to help the small one through his first two days of life. At the second day his will to live succeeded over initial physical weakness and he managed to do without human help. On top of that, he left no doubt who of the two had the primary claim on mother's udder, too:
from now on he would simply bumb his bigger brother away. And still does so up until today. And if Big Brother is bothered by the outspoken ambition of the smaller one the latter simply jumps away, right underneath mother's belly (without having to stoop for that at all) and starts the udder fight well sheltered from the other side. Sometimes being small sure comes with peculiar advantages!
10.4.2010 Silas and La Jeanne playing - precious moments ...

                                                                   click on pictures to view them enlarged in text
1.4.2010 first pictures of La Jeanne under saddle - and the most amazing story of a barley 3 year old filly that learns everything it needs to know in less than three weeks having left the mare herd... story
17.3.2010 Spring is in the air and the first foal is born: thouroughbred mare Ionia gives birth to a bay colt by Bundeschampion Lissaro - Lorbass

16.3.2010 My self bred and licensed colt Sansibar by Sir Donnerhall o/o Fannie Mae by Fidermark becomes a breeding stallion in the Netherlands!

28.2.2010 Today both my three year old fillies La Jeanne and Balahé have left their home at the mare barn.
La Jeanne has moved to Münster in a stall right next to Silas, my riding horse. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks teaching her anything a future sport horse should now and deal with and Silas has already proven to be of great help:
he is the comforting lead horse while La Jeanne walks near him, exploring her new home and life. I am exited to see what the next few weeks will bring us!
Balahé has moved to her new home at the Karsten family, former owners of Beltain (sire of Belissimo) and Wallery K, my past broodmare. It is my greatest pleasure to see Balahé in these passionate breeders' hands since I owe the Karsten family my entire affinity to the bloodline of Bolero and the legendary damline of Dr. Max Schulz, Stellenfleth. Without the Karsten family there would have been no Wallery K for me, no Beltain and most certainly no Belissimo M for the world. Without the Karsten family I had never learned about the damline of Dr. Max Schultz (Wallery's descend) who bred Beltain and Brentano II and I had never discovered the value of these precious Bolero bloodlines for me.
The beauty of Balahés newly found home serves as a wonderful gift to me:
she will live nearby in the Karsten's mare herd and I will be able to further follow her development and watch her future foals grow up - I am overly happy to see my Brentano II-daughter having found such a great lifetime post!  
25.2.2010 Mail from Spain!
pictures from Brasil, Wallery's last son by Brentano II, who is now turning four years old - what a stunning colt! (read more)
4.1.2010 New pictures arriving from New Zealand! QRage III in his new home under saddle - I am so excited to see this beautiful youngster develop the way he does - sparkling...
30.12.2009 double Bundeschampion Lissaro - english version of the stallion feature finally concluded - enjoy reading!
25.11.2009 Sir Donnerhall son "Silbermond" champion of the Westfalian licensing!
The black stallion by Sir Donnerhall x Ramiro's Son x Matcho, a "mover" of his own kind, was proclaimed champion of the Westfalian licensing 2009 - pictures
Sir Donnerhall is sire of Sansibar and Sawadee.
20.11.2009 The brand new 2009 FN Zuchtwertschätzung (Breeding Value Statistic) has just been published and states three current stallions of my breeding program amongst the TOP TEN of all dressage breeding stallions available in Germany:

Sir Donnerhall shows a breeding value of 171 index points and scores second behind Breitling (172). However, Sir Donnerhall shows a better security value of 93% while Breitling's breeding value comes with a security of 84%.
Sir Donnerhall is sire to Sawadee and Sansibar, the latter being Fannie Mae's recently licensed son. 

It comes with no surprise that Belissimo ranks 4th given his well bespoken and mostly desired get. He shows a breeding value of 169 index points being backed by a convincing 94% security mainly owed to the success of his many succesful kids in young horse competitions (93%) and evenmore so owed to the success of his daughters gained in mare performance tests (95%).
Belissimo is sire of Biscaya o/o Fabrice who is in foal again by Belissimo.
Yet another excitement is the high ranking of Real Diamond amongst the Top Ten, who still hasn't been breeding much at the time this data was collected. The fact that the little existing get on the ground by Real Diamond yet again provided for this stallion to rank amongst the Top Ten of all stallions available in Germany clearly speaks for itself. Real Diamond is credited with 162 index points and that saves him an honorable 9th rank, improving by one from last year's rank 10 when he was the unexpected shooting star of the season. Real Diamond's breeding value is secured by 80% owed to the handful of kids competing in young horse classes, deriving a security of 83%, and his few three year old daughters obviously having done greatly at this year's mare performance tests (83% security).
My mare Fannie Mae is in foal to Real Diamond.
16.11.2009 The Quattro "Q" dominates the Brandenburg licensing in Neustadt Dosse - the two champion stallions of both disiplines dressage and jumping descend from the Quattro male line.
Article with pictures on Eurodressage.
Quattro is sire to both my Fabrice sons, "Happy" und QRage

Video Sansibar licensing
7.11.2009 Sansibar is licensed!
Today Sansibar has been licensed! I couldn't be any happier as this is the greatest success in my short history of sport horse breeding...
(click here for pictures and more information)
31.10.2009 Today Bogart left our barn to move into his new home where he is being raised as a stallion prospect along with another 20 colts his age. I am excited to see him being raised in the most professional hands and recieve everything it takes to hopefully appear at the Hanoverian licensing committee one day...
With his seven months of age and his naturally given coolness it didn't take him long to also mentally arrive in his new home. After having made first contacts with his new fellow companions he celebrated the new surrounding in his very own way:
taking a well deserved and relaxing bath in the sand...
                                                                           Bogart and me at the required hard ground trott inspection 
28.10.2009 Today I recieved new pictures from "Happy" ("QRage" by Quattro o/o Fabrice) the eldest son o/o Fabrice who is now 4 years old and won his first dressage horse class earlier in summer this year. Needless to say, I am overly excited to see Happy playing around so expressively, knowing he obviously found the right hands to turn him into the happy athlete he is supposed to be...
Dear Carmen, thank you so much for these pictures - you made my day today!

                                                                                         (click on pictures for enlargement)
10.10.2009 Sansibar (o/o Fannie Mae by Sir Donnerhall) has been accepted for the licensing in Mecklenburg and will be presented at his first major public appearance on November 6 at the beautiful vicinity of the Redefin State Stud where the Mecklenburg licensing is traditionally being held.
Sansibar is Fannie's first foal and the very first of all my foals being accepted for an official licensing - I am delighted and more than excited! 
11.10.2009 Hannoverian Elite Auction, Verden
I am overly lucky to see that obviously, the sires of my foals have been well picked:
Royal Rose becomes the second most expensive horse at the Elite Auction, selling for 165.000 Euro! Royal Rose is out of Dornröschen, second dam (maternal grandmother) to Benetton Dream (sire of Bogart)
Congratulations to the breeder family Windeler in Verden!
Yet another top selling horse descends from the direct damline of Real Diamond, sire of the foal Fannie Mae is expecting in 2010:
Dancing Queen by Dimaggio x Hill Hawk x Futuro sells for 105.000 Euro, her dam Hillery is second dam (maternal grandmother) to Real Diamond.
4.10.2009 Real Diamond and Laudabilis sired two of the three top selling horses at the Westfalian Elite Auction:
Their daughters Real Fascination and La Noblesse sold for 80.000 and 82.000 Euros at last sunday's auction and that sure are remarkable prices, not only given the current weak economy!
You can find both these Elite Mares described here in detail.
Laudabilis is sire of La Jeanne and Lan Thao while Fannie Mae expects a foal by Real Diamond next spring! 
26.9.2009 New pictures of La Jeanne by Laudabilis x Fidermark, an impressive filly of presence an beauty age two! (click on pictures for enlargement)

9.9.2009 East Prussia - travelling ancient past and the origin of the Trakehner - a very special  travel report ...

6.9.2009 Bundeschampionat 2009 - a true Belissimo-Festival!
Having qualified ten (!) of his kids in all dressage and riding horse disciplines age 3 - 6 Belissimo (sire of Biscaya and sire of Fabrice's foal in 2010) already set a milestone of it's own.
More than that, Belissimo sires two Bundeschampions and one bronce medal winner!

While the bavarian bay mare Preziosa (quote speaker Bruno Sixt: "This mare comes form Bavaria and not from Holland!") was a league of her own in the unusal high quality field of 4-year old mares and geldings (usually the quality is better in the 3-year old classes) and as such well deserved the title "Bundeschampion" scoring some incredible 10 9,5 9,0 8,5 8,5 9,5, the colourful chestnut Blickpunkt (damsire Weltmeyer) became Bundeschampion being the champion of the hearts of the 5-year old dressage horses quiet like his sire was a couple of years ago at the same place!

Similar to Blickpunkt in type and move, specially with respect to hindleg action and carriage, the colourful chestnut Bulgarie (damisre World Champ, owned by Sissi Max Theurer) won the bronze medal at the 3-year old stallions. While Bulgarie still is a very immature and lanky horse  he will most certainly be heard of in the future when further matured.
May the colourful kids of Belissimo reintroduce real bright spots in our dressage horse breeding!

... and yet another Bundeschampion for the "Münsterland-Pferde":
In a head to head final Lissaro (sire of Ionia's foal in 2010) becomes Bundeschampion of the 4-year old stallions beating Paul Schockemöhle's
stunning Sarkozy due to his incredible ridability:
The foreign test riders praised him with highest scores which (in case of even scores) count higher - Lissaro is now entitled "Double Bundeschampion", a rarity of it's own!    

And last but not least Wallery's grandchild Luminatus, the Warendorf State Stud stallion by Londonderry o/o Belle Grande by Beltain wins the silver medal at the coach horses - honour to whom honour is due!
2.9.2009 East Prussia - a noteworthy journey to the ancient home and origin of the Trakehner breed - enjoy these pictures!
Travel report in english language to follow shortly...
22.8.2009 New Feature:                                            
About the necessity and challenges of thoroughbred blood in warmblood breeding
                              or: what happened 1400 years ago...?
20.8.2009 Last year's Bundeschampion Lissaro, sire of Ionia's foal in 2010, set record marks today at the traditional "Turnier der Sieger" in front of the wonderful Münster castle:
9,5 10,0 10,0 9,5 8,5 9,0 were the single scores he gained at today's 4-year old dressage horse class, the traditional "Optimum" at the "Turnier der Sieger"- truly amazing! No better win than this to be prepared for the upcoming Bundeschampionat in September...
16.8.2009 Fidermark dominates the Westfalian Elite Foal Auction:
Fidermark's heritage was to be found in 10 (!) out of the 24 top selling foals above 10.000 Euros:
As damsire he was responsible for three foals in this group, one last direct Fidermark daughter (a "frozen" product) also made it into the above 10.000 bracket and his son Fidertanz was sire of no less than five foals selling above 10.000, amongst them the top selling colt for 36.000 Euros, while his grandson Flatley (by Fürst Piccolo and owned by Isabell Werth) sired one.
No better prove than this to show the truly strong and obvious influence of Fidermark's heritage, a stallion who really didn't breed that long and surely the one son of Florestan who might already have outclassed his father's success in breeding.
1.8.2009 Sunrise and foals playing...

30.7.2009 Benetton Dream (sire of Bogart) wins just another qualifier for the Bundeschampionat scoring 8,8 at the Elmloher Reitertage!
27.7.2009 Both Westfalian Champions, Lindner and La Nobless (picture), full siblings by Laudabilis x Beltain, are officially nominated by the Westfalian verband to represent the 3 year old mares and 4 year old stallions at the Bundeschampionat 2009 -  congratulations to the breeder, Dr. Lutz Ahlswede, to such a unique nomination of full siblings!
to review the most prestigeous damline of these two full siblings click here  
25.7.2009 All good things come in threes... Fabrice is finally in foal again to Belissimo!
thus, three foals to hopefully be expected in 2010!
25.7.2009 english version of Real Diamond's stallion feature finally completed - enjoy reading!
23.7.2009 Münster Handorf - Westfalian nomination for the Warendorf Bundeschampionat
She came, saw and conquered:
Real Fascination, the 3-year old daughter of Real Diamond out of a dam by Ehrentusch, who already gained the State Premium title as one out
of two daughters by Real Diamond presented at the Elite Mare Show two days ago, was hard to beat under saddle. The incredible athletic mare dominated her class by obvious rhythm and naturally given cadence, it was hard to take your eyes off her... Winning her class with a  well deserved score of 8,42 should have gained her the nomination for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf, selfunderstood. Official nominations, however, will be announced by the Verband later this week.
What a personal pleasure for me to see that having bred Fannie Mae to Real Diamond this year not only seems to follow an upcoming trend of
breeding to Real Diamond (who has finally been bred to fifty mares this year!) but also seems to be mostly promising with respect to real
performance delivered by his get under saddle who, after all, still result from very few breedings only in his first breeding years.
Yet another personal pleasure was the stunning appearance of Laudabilis' sons and daughters, once again proving the stallion himself to be a mostly convincing sport horse sire (Laudabilis is sire of La Jeanne and Lan Thao):
La Noblesse by Laudabilis x Beltain, who already became Vice Champion at the Elite Show two days ago, delivered yet another convincing
appearance under saddle, harmonic and well swung through, a simply floating move at it's best. As a matter of fact, I liked her even better under saddle as I did in hand and same is true for Real Fascination who, other than her half sister Rieke by Real Diamond, hadn't made it to the final ring of the top ten westfalian mares of this year at the Elite in hand show on tuesday.
La Noblesse and Real Fascination to me are the alive prove that in hand show titles in sport horse breeding are a nice and welcome tribute but real quality with respect to our breeding goal (riding horses, that is) describes yet a different league to belong to:
these two most certainly do and it was amazing  to see how both of them truly outclassed some of the stellar in hand trotters from two days ago
now being presented under saddle. It is my greatest pleasure to see La Noblesse ranking second in this class behind Real Fascination, scoring a well deserved 8,17 - single scores of both mares and complete class rankings can be checked here.
Having choosen Real Diamond and Laudabilis for both my Fidermark mares obviously was the right thing to do given the result of this year's
3-year old class and the story was yet to be continued:
The nomination class of the 4 year old stallions was dominated by yet another two stallions descending form my favourite lines:
The Warendorf state stud stallion Basic by Belissimo x Ehrentusch and a new born star to most of the audience, Lindner, full sibling to La Nobless by Laudabilis x Beltain, my favourite combination of all... Needless to say: I was thrilled!
Literally, thunder and lightning and heavy rain showers made this class a specatcular and dramatic event - however, the Beltain "B"-line (Belissimo is a son of Beltain) seems hard to be irritated at all and it was hard to say who was the better of the two, show proven Basic or Lindner, the latter having had his first public under saddle perfomance to deliver under such cirumstances... Yet, the charming son of Laudabilis unirritatedly was set deeper behind and simply marched along through deep water, gaining a well deserved "9" for trott and yet another "9" for his well jumped through and amazing uphill canter - eye candy at it's best! Single scores of all stallions and complete ranking can be seen here.
Impressive pictures of both these stallions at their thunder and lightning performance to be seen here - enjoy watching!
21.7.2009 Westfalian Elite Mare Inspection
Real Diamond (sire of Fannie Mae's foal in 2010 - hopefully! -) does it again:
two of his three year old daughters made it to the Elite Show this year and "Rieke" (damsire Diamantino), completely resembling her sire's shape and type, even made it into the Final Ring amongst the TopTen Westfalian mares of this season - what a wonderful result!
Champion Mare 2009 is "Brillante" by Belissimo (sire of Biscaya and -hopefully!- Fabrice's foal in 2010, too...) damsire Florestan, while the
Reserve Champion Title is given to "La Noblesse" by Laudabilis (sire of La Jeanne and Lan Thao) damsire Beltain - yet another mare of floating move and cadence proving the precious combination of two of my very personal favourite stallions, Beltain and Laudabilis...
The 92 best three year old westfalian mares were shown at the Elite Show and Laudabilis sired six of them while Belissimo sired three. 
15.7.2009 getting lost in ancient archives and discovering present values:
Fidelio, sire of Florestan
8.7.2009 stallion feature Benetton Dream finally completed - enjoy reading!
5.7.2009 Pictures of  Silas and me competing in dressage - many thanks to my friend Melanie, who seems to be showing up with her new camera wherever Silas and I happen to be around - so nice!

3.7.2009 Fannie Mae is in foal to Real Diamond!
1.7.2009 since today Bogart und "Bunny" (Biscaya) carry the hannoverian "H" on their pretty butts - and while Bunny currently develops somewhat tousled behind her naturally given charme and appearance, Bogart most certainly inspires my phantasie like crazy:
if there is any truth in the saying "3 days - 3 months - 3 years" (and Bogart being exactly 3 months old today) then Bogart's current development promises the most sportive and elegant youngster in 3 years from now:
noble and dry in texture with the most harmonically and well swung upper line and neck set - a pleasure to look at and exactly what i expect a
half-thouroughbred foal to look like!!
7.6.2009 fabulous news from South Germany:
"Happy" (QRage II, by Quattro B o/o Fabrice by x Fidermark) and his owners competed at his very first horse show today, a four year old
riding horse class and Happy won the class scoring 75%!
Dear Carmen and Jürgen, you are making me more than just "Happy" and i am so proud of you!
As Happy is the first and eldest horse i bred within my still considerable "young" breeding program to finally prove his performance in an official
competition and - on top of that - crown it with a super win! Congratulation to the three of you, you really made my day today!  
6.6.2009 my mostly desired filly has been born: Fannie Mae gave birth to a little black daughter by Rohdiamant - Riva has arrived!
(click on the engl. flag symbol on the top right corner of Riva's page for engl. information)
1.6.2009 hard to beat such beauty: La Jeanne, Fabrice's daughter by Laudabilis, developing greatly as a two year old!

30.5.2009 Svenja and Beltino did it again: 8,0 and 8,5 were their winning scores today in young horse dressage class A and L!
High scores you simply don't get just because others are worse - it makes me overly happy to see that Beltino gains the recognition he surely
At the same time Silas and I made up for our second start ranking 5th in dressage and adding yet another clear round and ribbon in jumping!
It fills me with deepest pleasure to see that our consistent training in all disciplines is being rewarded and Silas quiet obviously turns into a
relyable allrounder!
24.5.2009 first competition, first ribbons: Silas becomes a show horse!
scoring a 7,5 at our very first dressage competition (3rd place) and on top of that even a clear round in jumping and yet another ribbon, Silas has made an impressive start into our first common horse show season!

on top of that Svenja and Beltino, the last son of Beltain out of our broodmare Wallery, scored second and third in class L dressage and it was
my greatest pleasure seeing this fabolous youngster being celebrated under saddle!
You simply can't take your eyes off him when he starts moving ...
22.5.2009 Bogart is sold and will be growing up as a stallion prospect in due course. I am more than happy to finally see even a half-t.b.colt from my breeding program being raised as a stallion prospect!

And as coincidence sometimes has it, Benetton Dream, Bogart's sire, today has won the Qualifier for the 2009 Bundeschampionship scoring 8,3! 
19.5.2009 QRage III has become a true "Globetrotter":
today he moved on to his new home in New Zealand, Awakino Estate, a most beautiful Estate overlooking the Tasman Sea.
He will be further trained as a dressage stallion to hopefully become part of an already prominent group of former german auction horses and
dressage stallions at Awakino Estate. Awakino Estate sponsors top New Zealand Dressage Riders with top German Stallions.
Good luck on the beautiful green island and hopefully we will hear from you again, QRage!

my favourite time of the year: foal-spring!
                                                                                                                    Bogart and Troubadour playing

1.5.2009 Biscaya has already become a professional photographer's  "model" - thank you, Horst Grasser, for the wonderful picture!

                                                                                         (click on picture to enlarge)
30.4.2009 good news! Ionia, my tb-mare, is in foal to Bundeschampion Lissaro!
26.4.2009 spring is in the air again and the second foal is born: Biscaya by Belissimo o/o Fabrice! Visit this couourful beatuy at her page!
(click on the engl. flag symbol on the top right corner on Biscaya's page for engl. information)
17.4.2009 Wally's grandson, the Warendorf State Stud stallion Luminatus by Londonderry o/o Belle Grande by Beltain is the first Warendorf State Stud
stallion who is qualified for the Bundeschampionships in Warendorf in September later this year - here is the link to the State Stud information!
31.3.2009 spring is in the air and the first foal is born: Bogart by Bundeschampion Benetton Dream out of Ionia (thouroughbred mare)
(click on the engl. flag symbol on the top right corner of Bogart's page for engl. information)
16.2.2009 Rohdiamant feature now completed under "choosen Stallions - why?"
13.2.2009 Sir Donnerhall feature now completed under "choosen Stallions - why?"
15.11.2009 Longleggishness - a reasonable breeding goal or rather an end in itself?
english translation of my letter to the editorial to some german monthly breeding magazins that has been published    
2.11.2009 Today Sawadee and Lan Thao have arrived well at their new home in the Netherlands. It was such a pleasure to see them run around in a group of six weanlings all together - I am looking forward to hear more from them in the future!
16.10.2008 QRage III at the preselection of the Westfalian Verband - simply beautiful!

8.8.2008 sometimes wonders do happen: after six heat cycles Fannie Mae finally is confirmed in foal to Rohdiamant!
30.6.2008 Sawadee and Lan Thao have both been sold and will both move to the Netherlands in autumn - I am more than happy to see them leave together for a promising future!
21.6.2008 Fabrice is in foal to Belissimo - I am more than grateful and hope it stays that way!
1.6.2008 "Pferdeliebe" ("HorseLove") - thank you very much, Horst Grasser, for this wonderful picture!

21.5.2008 Ionia is positively confirmed in foal to Bundeschampion Benetton Dream!
21.5.2008 Fabrice gives birth to a healthy grand filly by Laudabilis - Lan Thao!
20.5.2008 Sawadee is entitled Premium Foal at the Oldenburg foal inspection  
18.5.2008 new pictures of QRage III by Quattro B x Fidermark age two - a truly promising stallion prospect!
27.4.2008 a wonderful photostudie of Sawadee on these pages - enjoy surfing through a collection of 171 foal pictures by Ines Meier - thank you, Ines!
full portfolio of Ines' photo studies here  
23.4.2008 little Brooklyn passed away - a tragic loss of a filly I loved dearly.
11.4.2008 Fannie Mae by Fidermark gives birth to her second foal, a beautiful filly by Sir Donnerhall - Sawadee!
3.4.2008 exactly one month after Brentano's birthday his daughter is born: my thoroughbred mare Ionia gives birth to Brooklyn, a lovely chestnut filly!
3.3.2008 Brentano II, sir of Brasil and Balahé, celebrates his birthday! Congratulation to a true stamp stallion!

2.11.2007 new pictures and story of QRage III at eighteen months - he sure turned into a real stallion already! more...
21.10.2007 Quattro B (sire of "Happy"-QRage II and QRage III) sires the Worldchampion of the young eventing horses this weekend in Lion d'Angers!
congratulations to Olympic Team Rider Frank Ostholt and his six year old self-bred mare Quite Easy by Quattro B! more ...
14.10.2007 Benetton by Brentano II (sire of Balahé and Brasil) has been licensed by the hanoverian verband following his success becoming Bundeschampion 2007! click here for details... 
9.10.2007 today Sansibar left for his new home at Paul Schockemöhle and Lewitz Stud where he will enjoy the company of natural herd-life with many other colts his age and I truly hope to hear of him again in a two years time for the preselection of the Oldenburg licensing... good luck, Sansibar!
7.10.2007 Laudabilis (sire of La Jeanne) provides for the most expensive riding horse at the Westfalian Elite Auction - the licensed stallion "Looking Forward" by Laudabilis sold for € 160.000! 
1.10.2007 new pictures and story of "Happy" (QRage II) at the age of two and a half years.....
18.7.2007 Fabrice is positively confirmed in foal to Laudabilis - looking forward to three healthy foals next spring by Brentano, Sir Donnerhall and Laudabilis!
19.6.2007 Fabrice and La Jeanne are making their "debut" in Hannover - Fabrice is now registered with the Hannoverian Main Studbook and
La Jeanne carries the mostly desired "H" on her blittle butt ...
8.6.2007 little Amelie called today and this is what she had to say: "Fannie carries a new foal in her belly!" - how nice!
Fannie Mae is in foal to Sir Donnerhall again since May 19th - I hope she keeps it as big-little Sansibar is really feeding heavily on her ...   
19.5.2007 Ionia is positively confirmed in foal to Brentano II again!
25.4.2007 Fabrice gives birth to a healthy filly by Laudabilis - La Jeanne!
and just like last year her timing is amazing as she picked the day I had to take leave of another beloved horse..
25.4.2007 tonight I had to say good-bye to my mare Wallery K - she had to take her unborn with her...
24.4.2007 my nicest breeding-success so far: Sansibar gains the title "Premium Foal" at the Vechta foal inspection and is accepted for the auction...
but sold is sold - however, what I preserve is the deepest pleasure about an obviously well-bred first foal out of my Fannie Mae
7.3.2007 A long time wish comes true: my thoroughbred mare Ionia xx gives birth to a filly by Brentano II - Balahé!
23.2.3007 Sansibar has already been sold and will be joining Paul Schockemöhle's colts herd at Lewitz Stud in summer!
1.2.2007 Fannie Mae gave birth to a healthy black colt by Sir Donnerhall: Sansibar!
20.12.2006 Birkhahn xx - a little story about a big legend
28.11.2006 Wally's grandson has been licensed at the NRW-Licensing and sold for  € 70.000,-- to the NRW State Stud in Warendorf where he will be
proceeding his carrier as a State Stud Stallion named "Luminatus". A brief genetical breeding background given at Wally's page.   
4.11.2006 today QRage III, Brasil and "the Fürst" have moved to their new homes - suddenly the barn is very empty .... but it doesn't take long anymore until Fannie Mae -hopefully- opens the new breeding season !   
12.10.2006 Wallery K presents her grandson by Londonderry x Beltain at the Westfalian licensing preselection and he does pass for the official licensing in

Brasil is sold and he will move to sunny Spain in November along with his common barn-friend Fürst Pirouette! All the best for both these
youngsters and their new owner!

2.8.2006 QRage III is sold and he will move to the Rhineland in autum - his new home will be the Rytherhof - all the best for QRage III and  his new owner! 
29.6.2006 visit at Wally's grandchild - impressions and pictures of the herd-life of a well-made thouroughbred-stamped yearling filly!
19.6.2006 Fabrice is in foal to Laudabilis since June 3rd - how nice! now all four out of four mares are "in foal"  for 2007 - I hope it stays that way...
6.6.2006 Wallery K is in foal to Brentano II since May 30. - Fannie Mae and Ionia xx have also been proved "pregnant" by the vet - good news!    
14.6.2006 QRage III becomes "premium foal" at the Oldenburg foal inspection in Glandorf
13.6.2006 Fannie Mae passes her SLP- Stutenleistungsprüfung with grandesse and becomes 2. scoring  7,97 !
17.5.2006 the long waiting has an end: Wally gives birth to a healthy colt by Brentano II - Brasil is there!

Ionia xx is confirmed in foal to Brentano II since April 26!

10.5.2006 Ionia's big day in Ankum - four times an  "8" is what she recieves at her hannoverian main stud book registration!
5.5.2006  my letter to the editor is published at the "Züchterforum" - "brave for blood" (thoroughbred blood, that is)
28.4.2006 Fabrice gives birth to a healthy colt by Quattro B - QRage III is there!
28.4.2006 my beloved long time friend Shannon deceased - an obtiuary on a true friend
5.4.2006 Ionia xx appears in the new edition of the "Züchterforum" in the article  "Mut zum Blut" (brave for blood)
1.4.2006 Fannie Mae commences her "serious" work life at Michael Farwick (Bundeschampion with Fidermark, World Champion of young horses with
Laurentianer) - pictures and brief report on her page
14.3.2006 Fannie Mae is confirmed in foal to Sir Donnerhall since February!
12.3.2006 1. "day of the open door" at the Warendorf State Stud - Florestan and his sons and grandsons - pictures and report here 
Sept. 2005

Fair Play by Fidermark x Frühlingsball, full sibling to Fabrice and FannieMae becomes Champion of the Rhineland riding horses 2005!

Aug. 2005 Californian breeding - impressions and pictures of my breeder's tour through California 
Aug. 2005 Ionia xx is in foal to Brentano II - unfortunately she resorbs. A further breeding at this point in time (late summer) doesn't make sense.
Waiting for the new breeding season....
July 2005 a long time wish has become true: with Ionia xx a real thoroughbred mare becomes part of my mare herd!
June 2005 finally, Wallery K is in foal to Brentano II! pictures of Brentano in Ankum at Beltain's Side
June 2005 Fabrice is in foal to Quattro B since June 1st!
May 2005 QRage II is sold and will be travelling to his new home in southern germany  in autumn - congratulations and all the best to the Rothfuss-family and Happy-QRage!
9.4.2005 Fabrice gives birth to a healthy colt by Quattro B - QRage II is there!
March 2005

Wallery K suffers from a sad stillbirth - we are greatful that Wally seems fine after all and hope for new future breedings...